Historic Hernando Preservation Society

March 2015 Business Meeting Minutes



Brooksville City Hall, 201 Howell Ave.

Thursday, March 5, 2015 @ 7:00 PM


MEMBERS & GUESTS PRESENT: Roger Kenny, Ken Badgley, Fay Badgley, Mary Moses, Sue Latasi, Don Moses, Linda Welker, Helen Yettaw, John A. Zieman, Jr., Alexandra Zieman, Michael Goldman, Charlotte Goldman, Beverly Morgan Nuzzi, Kenneth Morgan, Dennis Yettaw, Matt Wilcox, Mary Sheldon, Deborah Charlow, Jon Yeager, Dana Yeager, Jan Knowles, Jo-Anne Peck.

WELCOME OF MEMBERS & GUESTS: 7:00 PM President Don Moses welcomed all to the meeting.

INVOCATION & PLEDGE: Jon Yeager lead the invocation.

PRESENTATION OF CERTIFICATES: Mary Moses presented Certificates of Appreciation to groups and individuals that made the Heritage Days Event successful. She noted that vendors and demonstrators already received their certificates with their event packages. Certificates were presented to: Fay & Ken Badgley, Jan & Bob Knowles,  Dana & Jon Yeager, “Brooksville Bev”, Sue & Dave Letasi, Bill Rosst, Ken Morgan, Victoria & Buddy Jimmerson, Kathryn Peck, Helen & Dennis Yettaw, Jennie Smithhart, Kim Bowman-Smith, Debbie Charlow, Char & Mike Goldman, Anne & Chuck Badgley, Frasier Mountain. Many thanks to all that participated.

MINUTES: Printouts of the December Meeting Minutes were not provided for review, although they were posted on the website. Jo-Anne Peck stated that she will provide the December Minutes at the 2nd quarter business meeting where they will be reviewed and approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Jon Yeager reported a balance of $3,515.00. He also reported that there was $319.42 in expenses for Heritage Day, $1,185.35 income from the Home Tour from Heritage Day, half of which would be given to the Museum, and $632.00 that would be given by the Museum to HHPS from their Heritage Day profit.


ADMINISTRATION: Roger Sherman stated that there was nothing to report.


  • Jon Yeager said that the Hope Hill project would resume in 2016 with USF and the Seminole Tribe joining together for a new study project.

  • Mr. Yeager stated that the Chocochatti DVD was nearly done.

  • Mr. Yeager reported that Guy Labree passed away and that Carol Mahler had suggested that his book be purchased by the HHPS to be placed in the local library, which has been done.

  • Mr. Yeager is working with the Sumter County Historical Society, pursuing a State historical marker for Pilaklikaha, Abraham's Town, a Black Seminole Maroon town.

  • Mr. Yeager reported that Christie Anderberg was continuing the documentation work of historic cemeteries in the area.

  • An archeology presentation will be held at the Library on March 10th.

HERITAGE DAY: Mary Moses gave a report of the highly successful Heritage Day 2015 event. She stated that some vendors did not show with no notification or explanation before or after the event.  Ms. Moses gave a big thank you to City Councilman Betty Erhart for offering the use of a golf cart for the day of the event, which was very useful. The HHPS received a thank you from the County Commission.

ARCHITECTURE: Ken Badgley gave a report on the number of identified historic resources in the County, both from his records and those identified on the Florida Master Site File. He stated his desire to add many additional sites to the Florida Master Site File database during 2015. Jo-Anne Peck suggested that the HHPS could get a grant to help pay a consultant to help with the massive documentation project needed. Roger Sherman suggested that a grant could be used to document the collection of Model Homes clustered on Spring Hill Drive.


ART IN THE PARK: Helen Yettaw reported that the HHPS would again be selling hotdogs at the ART in the Park event as well as manning an educational tent. She needed dessert donations and volunteers to help man both booths. A sign-up sheet was passed around.

BROOKSVILLE CITY NIGHTS: Jan Knowles stated that she would continue offering tours of historic downtown Brooksville during the City Nights events, but needed help manning the informational booth while she was giving the tour.

CENTRALIA FIELD TRIP: Ken Morgan reported that the Saturday, May 9th field trip would take place starting at 10 a.m. Participants are to meet at the Sportsman Club. Sid Taylor will give a lecture on the History of Centralia the Thursday before the field trip at the regular HHPS meeting.


PHONE NOTIFICATION: Dana Yeager passed around a sign-up sheet for HHPS members that preferred to be notified of upcoming meeting by telephone rather than email.

CENTRALIA: The need for a historic marker commemorating the lost sawmill town of Centralia was discussed. Mary Moses made a motion that a committee be formed to pursue a state historic marker for Centralia. Roger Sherman seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

FT. DADE AFRICAN AMERICAN CEREMONY: Dave Letasi requested that the HHPS consider making a $250 donation to the Ft. Dade African American Cemetery that is located near the proposed Cemex Mining site to help purchase a fence for the site. Mary Moses made a motion to approve the donation. Sue Letasi seconded. The motion did not pass, 6 yeas, 15 nays.

SAXON HOUSE/ ROGERS CHRISTMAS HOUSE : Don Moses requested that the HHPS purchase a plaque to present to the owners of the Saxon House and Rogers Christmas House property to recognize their extensive restoration efforts. Linda Welker made a motion that the plaque be purchased. Helen Yettaw seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

HOME TOUR: Don Moses reported that plaques would be presented to the home owners who opened their historic houses to the public during Heritage Day at the next meeting.

MEMBERSHIP: A list of current members was provided by Secretary Jo-Anne Peck. She stated that the member names were removed from the website due to privacy concerns expressed by some members.

NOTECARDS: Don Moses suggested that Ken Badgley be credited as the photographer on the next batch of HHPS notecards.

DONATIONS: Jon Yeager reported that he received a check for $75 from Jan Knowles from her Historic Downtown Brooksville Tour. He also received a check for $120 from Jo-Anne Peck/ Historic Shed from the sale of wooden signs during the Brooksville Raid.


Jo-Anne Peck reviewed the two-step sign-up process for getting on the E-Newsletter mailing list which entails clicking a link in a confirmation email after initial sign-up. She stressed that without clicking on the link, you will not be on the email list.

Jon Yeager reported that the next monthly speaker would be Dr. Michael Francis who would speak on Florida History 1513-1607 on April 2nd. He also announced several upcoming events at Dade Battlefield Park, Fort Cooper and the Crystal River Archeological Mounds.

Dave Letasi announced that he would be presenting a lecture on Train history on March 27th at the historic Brooksville Train Depot.

MEETING ADJOURNED: Don Moses closed the meeting at 8:41 p.m.

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