Historic Hernando Preservation Society

June 2015 Business Meeting Minutes



Brooksville City Hall, 201 Howell Ave.

Thursday, June 4, 2015 @ 7:00 PM


MEMBERS & GUESTS PRESENT: Ken Badgley, Mary Moses, Don Moses, Dave Latasi, Buddy Jimmerson, Victoria Jimmerson, Roger Sherman, Bill Rosst, Jan Knowles, Frasier Mountain, Peter Tuite, Beverly Morgan Nuzzi, Ken Morgan, Dennis Yettaw, Linda Welker, Deborah Charlow, Jon Yeager, Dorwin Skinner, Sue Letasi, Jo-Anne Peck

WELCOME OF MEMBERS & GUESTS: 7:00 PM President Don Moses welcomed all to the meeting.

INVOCATION & PLEDGE: Don Moses lead the invocation.

PRESENTATION OF CERTIFICATES: Mary Moses presented Certificates of Appreciation to Heritage Day volunteers that had not received their certificates previously.

MINUTES: Minutes of the December 2014 Business Meeting were presented by Jo-Anne Peck. Roger Sherman moved to approve the December Minutes. Dennis Yettaw seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.

Minutes of the March 2015 Business Meeting were presented by Jo-Anne Peck. Victoria Jimmerson moved to approve the March Minutes. Ken Badgley seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Jon Yeager reported a balance of $4,667.49 as of 6/2/15.


ADMINISTRATION: Roger Sherman stated that there was nothing to report.


  • Jon Yeager thanked Ken Morgan and Sid Taylor for presenting information about the history of Centralia and leading the Field Trip. He stated that Sid Taylor was going to prepare the draft text for a historic marker for Centralia commemorating the lost mill town. Discussion about the marker included ways to raise money for the marker along with pursuing a state grant. Don Moses suggested that organizations within the lumber industry may be willing to donate towards the marker. Dave Letasi made a motion that $500 be put in a fund for the marker. Bill Rosst seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

  • Jon Yeager said that Sumter County Historic Society is raising funds for a historic marker commemorating the location of Abraham's Town, a Black Seminole Village known also as Pilaklikaha. Dr. Weisman would be writing the marker text.

ARCHITECTURE: Ken Badgley reported that he, along with Fay Badgley, Bill Rosst, Jon Yeager and Jo-Anne Peck toured a historic home for sale in Istachatta. He stated that the house is a very intact example of pioneer residential architecture and is at risk as the home is on the market, but would likely be bought by someone more interested in the many acres that went along with it. He was researching the home’s history and ways to try to preserve the home. Jo-Anne Peck suggested that the current owner be approached to see if she was aware of the home’s significance and whether she would be willing to discuss ways to ensure its survival, perhaps through a preservation easement or even relocation. The possibility of asking for the home to be leased the HHPS was also discussed. A committee was formed consisting of Dave Letasi, Ken Badgley and Jo-Anne Peck with the purpose of trying to reach the seller and discussing the home’s future.


TAMPA BAY HISTORY FIELD TRIP: Victoria Jimmerson announced that the Tampa Bay History Museum and Ulele Restaurant Field Trip would be rescheduled for August 22.


JULY MEETING: Don Moses announced that there would be no HHPS meeting in July as it fell too close the July 4th holiday.

FIELD TRIPS: Mary Moses announced the following field trips for the remainder of the year:

  • August 8, Little Rock Cannery Field Trip

  • September, Moon Over the Mounds tour at the Crystal River State Archaeological Park (exact date to be announced)

  • October 17 - Dade City Pioneer Museum private tour. Cost for the tour $5 for adults, $3 for children for 1-½ hour tour. Participants can bring a picnic lunch.

  • November 7 - Micanopy Museum and Walking Tour. $2 per participant. Lunch at the Old Florida Cafe.

  • December 21-23 - Church Street Christmas in Dade City (exact date to be determined)

  • Possible Cane Syrup farm tour, also in December


Roger Sherman said that the Brooksville Beautification Board was seeking nominations for properties to receive award within the City limits. Mary Moses suggested that several of the homes that were on the Heritage Days tour might be good candidates.

Roger Sherman presented a plat map for the Garden Groves development planned in the 1920s by the Crum family.

Victoria Jimmerson stated that Don and Mary Moses attended her neighborhood block party to showcase the HHPS and were well received. The possibility of future outreach opportunities were also suggested.

Jon Yeager announced that the August 6 speaker would be Cliff Moffett from the Zephyr Hills WWII Museum.

Jo-Anne Peck stated that she had contacted Rick Kilby, author of Finding the Fountain of Youth about speaking at the October 1 meeting. His speaking fee would be reduced to $100 if he was allowed to sell his book after the lecture. She offered to have her company, Historic Shed, pay for half the speaking fee. Dave Letasi made a motion that Mr. Kilby be hired to speak. Victoria Jimmerson seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Jon Yeager announced that Gary Ellis would be the speaker in November to discuss his work at Chinsegut Hill.

Jon Yeager said that he was pursuing another grant from the Speakers Bureau for 2016.

MEETING ADJOURNED: Don Moses closed the meeting at 8:25 p.m.


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