Historic Hernando Preservation Society

HHPS 1st Quart Business Meeting 2016

Historic Hernando Preservation Society

1st Quarter Business Meeting 2016

Brooksville City Hall, 201 Howell Ave.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Covered Dish Dinner:  6:30 PM

Call to order:    7:15 PM by President Don Moses with Pledge of Allegiance

Members Present: (25)

David Letasi, Sue Letasi, Sabrina Letasi, Ken & Fa Badgley, Mike Goldman, Char Goldman, JoAnne Peck, Duane Chichester, Doug DuPont, Gloria DuPont, Dorwin Skinner, Linda Welker, Deborah Charlow, Beverly Nuzzi, Roger Sherman, Roger Kenney, Patricia Taylor, Jon Yeager, Dana Yeager, Don Moses, Mary Moses, Joyce Rinehart, Frasier Mountain, Butch Nipper.


Minutes from the Board meeting held February 1, 2016 were read by Secretary Jon Yeager.  Mary Moses moved to approve the minutes as read, and Dave Letasi seconded the motion.


Treasurer Mary Moses summarized the Heritage Day  2016 event and expressed thanks to all volunteers from the Museum Association, the Preservation Society and to the City of Brooksville. Certificates of Appreciation were given by Mary to all volunteers.  Total amount for both groups (museum/preservation) was $4,050, with a split of $2,026.90 for each group.  Don and Mary Moses were presented with a plaque honoring them for their work on Heritage for 2014-2015-2016.  President Don Moses was presented a framed certificate of appreciation for his efforts in saving a portion of the Historic Sidewalk on Howell Ave. in 2015.  Motion to approve by Dave Letasi, seconded by Mary Moses.

ADMINISTRATION:  Roger Sherman said nothing to report at this time.


Jon Yeager reported the Centralia Historical marker project had raised a total of $775 in donations.  A grant application with Hernando County will be made to seek possible funding for the rest of the marker.  Ken Badgley read the tentative marker text for Centralia, also presented an old full page advertisement for Centralia he found in an old catalog.  Discussion continued on possible future historical marker projects, with decisions to be made at future board meetings.  


Ken Badgley presented photos of an historic 1925 log cabin located in Hernando County,  originally a fishing lodge.    It is in remarkably good shape, attested by JoAnne Peck, who also visited the site.  It is a unique structure, made of pine, cedar, and cypress.  Motion to proceed with a letter to the owners on the importance of the structure made by Roger Sherman, seconded by David Letasi for approval.   


JoAnne Peck discussed some of the basics of this program with the State Division of Historical Resources.  She will be Hernando Preservation’s liaison with the City of Brooksville, working specifically with Duane Chichester in the Development Department at the City, on the Main Street program.  She will attend a one day workshop regarding this program in the near future.  She presented various benefits the Main Street Program will bring to Brooksville & Hernando County.

O L D    B U S I N E S S


Roger Sherman presented the opportunity to raise funds by means of a tea & historical architecture lecture at his residence, Apsley Manor, in Garden Grove at $25 per person at 10 per group.   However, no volunteers or interest was expressed by the membership in this project.  It was therefore discontinued in discussion.  


President Don Moses asked membership if there was interest in a hot dog fundraiser as a vendor this year at Art in the Park, 2016.  The membership decided to set up the outreach table on both days of the event, but not have the hot dog sales as in past years.  


Mary Moses is currently developing more field trip opportunities for the membership in 2016, to visit local historical sites in our community, and state. 

N  E  W    B  U  S  I  N  E  S  S


President Don Moses asked the membership about helping financially with repairs on the TRAM used in Heritage Day 2016.  It was generally agreed to look into helping with repairs, as long as the repairs weren’t excessive. 


President Don Moses is working on historic plaque(s) to recognize the historic homeowners who opened their homes on Heritage Day 2016.


A stolen headstone from the historic black cemetery in Spring Hill was found by a local Hernando County resident who contacted HHPS.  Mr. David Letasi contacted the individual and was able to identify the individual’s identity on the headstone, and located local family members.  Mr. Letasi will continue to work on this recovery process for the headstone, to return it to its original location.


Motion to adjourn at approximately 8:30 PM by David Letasi, seconded by Roger Sherman.

Respectfully Submitted by Secretary Jon Yeager

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