Historic Hernando Preservation Society

December Meeting Minutes 2014

Brooksville City Hall, 201 Howell Ave.
Thursday, December 4, 2014 @ 6:30 PM

MEMBERS & GUESTS PRESENT: Regular members and members of both the Virginia Jackson family and LeeAnne Shoeman family were represented. 
WELCOME OF MEMBERS & GUESTS: 6:30 PM President Vickie Jimmerson welcomed all to the annual membership meeting and elections.
MINUTES: Secretary Jon Yeager distributed minutes from the last business meeting on September 4, 2014 to all board members. Motion by Roger Sherman to approve, seconded.
MEMBERSHIP: Secretary Jon Yeager reported a total membership for 2014 of 44 members. 21 had renewed for 2015 membership.
TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Mary Moses reported a balance of $3,066.21 She also reported a $5 profit from the outreach event at Dade Battlefied November 15, 2015.Treasurer’s report was approved.
LEEANNE SHOEMAN PRESERVATION AWARD: Board Members Don & Mary Moses, with Advisor David Letasi came forward to present the 1st annual LeeAnne Shoeman Preservation award. The first recipient was Virginia Jackson. Her family was present to receive this award on her behalf, as was the family of LeeAnne Shoeman. Each family received a small replica of the permanent trophy award which will be displayed at Brooksville City Hall. David Letasi said this award is a community memorial award to be given each year in honor of individuals contributing to the historical/preservation of Brooksville and Hernando County. 
ADMINISTRATION: Vice President Roger Sherman presented a proposed By-Law Amendment to Article V, Directors. C)Ex-Officio Directors may be appointed by the President with the approval of the board of directors to recognize such members who have special talents or insights to aid the Society. Ex-Officio members shall not have a vote on the Board of Directors, but shall vote in matters put before the general membership. Ex-Officio members shall serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. The Motion passed with a 2nd by David Letasi. A proclamation was then read by V.P. Sherman, “be it further resolved that Mr. Bill Rosst, currently a member of the Board of Directors and expert in Meso-American archaeology be named the first Chairman of the Board of Advisors. This motion also passed.

ARCHAEOLOGY: Jon Yeager reported that three speakers from the Florida Humanities Council Speakers Bureau will make presentations in January, February, and April of 2015, continuing the history of the Seminoles and the original inhabitants of Florida. Actor J.D. Sutton portrays William Bartram on January 8, 2015, Dr. Rosalyn Howard presents the history of the Black Seminoles on February 5th, and Dr.Michael Francis presents La Florida of 1513. The Seminole Tribe of Florida Tribal Historic Preservation Office and the University of South Florida Anthropology Dept. continue to plan further archaeological studies.
ARCHITECTURE: Ken Badgley reported that a one of a kind Queen Anne historic home in Brooksville could be in jeopardy, due to the development of a neighboring property. He said he would continue to follow this situation. He also complimented one homeowner who has taken efforts to renovate an historic home in Brooksville. 
HERITAGE DAY: Mary Moses stated that the Heritage Day would be held on February 21, 2015 at the 1885 Train Station Depot. A tram will carry people to the May Stringer Museum, with a tour of the historic homes on South Brooksville Ave. This will be a family friendly event, with vendors and demonstrators providing entertainment, food, products, and historical education . She requested VOLUNTEERS to make this event a great success.
WALKING TOUR: Jan Knowles will be leading a historical tour in downtown Brooksville on Saturday, December 6. It will begin at 5pm. The outreach table will be present. Volunteers were requested to help with this outreach event.
ELECTION & INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS: Roger Sherman gave the ballot report of the nominating committee. Officers: President Don Moses, Vice President Dave Letasi, Secretary JoAnne Peck, Treasurer Jon Yeager. BOARD: Ken Badgley, Vickie Jimmerson, Jan Knowles, Roger Sherman, Mary Moses. The vote was by unanimous consent for both Officers and Directors. 
SPECIAL SERVICE PRESENTATIONS: Certificate of Awards were presented on behalf of the board by Roger Sherman to outgoing officers Vickie Jimmerson, President; Jon Yeager, Secretary and Bill Rosst, Director. The president also presented a certificate of appreciation to Roger Sherman.
UPCOMING EVENTS: Fort Foster: November 13th, Dade Battle: Jan. 3-4, Sign up for Tampa History Center Trip. 
MEETING ADJOURNED: Covered Dish Dinner followed Business Meeting.





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