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Micanopy Field Trip

The HHPS is hosting a Field Trip to the historic town of Micanopy on Saturday, November 14. 

The group will meet in the Burger King parking lot near 50 and I-75 at 10:00 a.m. The trip to Micanopy is about 1.5 hours. Upon arrival, we will be lunching at the Old Florida Cafe located at 203 NE 1st Ave, Micanopy. Their menu features soups and salads, they are famous for their rubens, cubans, BLT's and homemade black beans and rice. Prices range from $4-$7. After lunch, we will enjoy a tour of the Micanopy Historical Society Museum located just down the street from the cafe. Admission is $2.00. After the museum tour, we will be able to enjoy the many antique and specialty shops Micanopy has to offer. A sign up sheet will be available at the November meeting.

The Town of Micanopy (mick-ah-No-pee) was named for Seminole Chief Micanopy (ca.1780-1849). The ancient oaks clothed in Spanish moss enfold Micanopy's narrow streets and dirt lanes and provide shade and Southern ambiance for visitors and families that have lived here for generations. Micanopy's appeal is based on its rich, sometimes savage history. Florida's aboriginal records show that Hernando De Soto encountered an early Timucua Indian Village here in 1539 and later, Pennsylvania botanist William Bartram visited a Cuscowilla village on this site in 1774. Micanopy is the oldest inland town in Florida having been included in a land grant made by the King of Spain in 1817 to Don Fernando del la Maza Arrendondo of Havana and St. Augustine.

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