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Cannery Field Trip

AUGUST 8TH CANNERY FIELD TRIP:   The Cannery, established in the mid 1970’s, is housed in an historic stone schoolhouse built in the late 1930’s under the WPA and President Roosevelt. Known then as the Hammock Consolidated School, the building has since been used as a school for orphans and runaways; a cooperative extension site (Hammock Extension Homemakers); and as a northern extension site for the Hernando County Library system, called the Rock Cannery Library.  You can learn more about the Cannery in the "Out There" magazine published by Tractor Supply (these magazines are available free of charge at your local Tractor Supply stores) or online at: 
We will meet at the Hardee's Restaurant in Brooksville on 50 (Cobb & Cortez), at 9:00a.m.  We will then proceed to the Cannery located at 15487 Citrus Way.  The tour can take anywhere from 1-1.5 hours. There is no charge for this tour.   Our tour guide Cathy will try to have a live canning exhibit during our tour.  IF YOU ARE INTERESTED:  the Cannery currently has fresh produce available for sale, and you can either become a member for an annual $50.00 fee, or a $10.00 one time canning fee.  Peaches, tomatoes, and cilantro are currently available.  Please call Cathy at 352-799-4226 if you are interested.  
If you wish to attend the August Field trip please call or email Mary at 813-470-0085 or That way, we will have a head count for the Cannery.  

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